General by-laws

In addition to the by-laws for specifiic subject areas such as zoning and environmental protection, the Municipality also has more general by-laws governing the rights and obligations of citizens in certain situations, including open air fires, garage sales, domestic pets and various nuisances (noise, parking on the public road, etc.)

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Domestic pets

By-law  07-341: The municipality has an animal control by-law that requires that dogs and cats wear a medal with the name of their owner, his address and the telephone number he can be reached. Any person who keeps a dog or cat for a period of fifteen (15) days or more per year on the territory of the Municipality without obtaining a licence for this animal commits an offence under this section. You can obtain a medal without charge at the town hall during office hours.

Control of Zebra mussels

By-law 02-284: Every year, any property owner who has a boat that he intends to use on Lake Memphremagog must go to the town hall or to  Bryant’s Landing  to obtain a user’s certificate and a sticker that must be placed on any craft anchored or navigating on the lake. For other information about controlling zebra mussles, click here.

Open air fire

17.1 Open air fire: With the exception of cooking on a barbecue, it is strictly forbidden to light or cause to be lighted or to allow a fire in the open air to be lighted, without having first obtained a permit from the proper authority.


By-law 01-264:  The municipality has a by-law dealing with public nuisances covering, among other things, door-to-door sales, noise, fire protection, cleanliness and general orderliness of properties, excavation, watercourses, damage to trees, damage by trees.  

In 2010, the council adopted By-law 10-375 amending Nuisance By-law 01-264 to specify provisons related to the use of firearms.

Fire protection

By-law 09-370: Adopted in July 2009, this by-law is intended to set requirements for fire protection and the safety of persons in the buildings found in the municipality to ensure a safe environment for the entire population. Among the safety provisions for the home, there are those that deal with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, civic numbers, etc.  This by-law is based on the by-law adopted by the MRC de Memphrémagog in relation to fire prevention and the protection of the territory, and incorporates national and international regulations and codes  for fire protection and public safety.

Visits by a fire prevention specialist
Under the regional fire protection plan, prevention visits are made to every residence on the territory service by the fire department.

Smoke detectors
Smoke detectors must be installed in all residences, and in all new construction, according to the standards of the National Building Code ( 9.10.18). Be sure to change the batteries every six months, for example, when the time changes (in April and October).

Carbon monoxide detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors shall be installed in each  room  served  by  a  combustion appliance; in each room served by a door that leads directly to a garage that is contiguous to the house; in every residence where workshops are found for the repair of tools or domestic or other appliances, that operate by combustion, and where the appliances can be turned on for repair or adjustment. 

Propane gas tanks
To prevent explosions and assure the safety of the firefighters, the  municipality has made an inventory of all residences having a propane gas installation (with the exception bottles for the barbecue). Please advise the municipality if you have such an installation and indicate where it is.

Garage sales

By-law 03-298: Three garage sales are permitted for each dwelling unit every year. You must first obtain a permit.   

Culverts on private property

Property owners living along a public road are responsible for maintenance of the culverts on their private property. Water must be able to flow easily through the culverts. 

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