Garbage pick-up and recycling

Consult the calendar for garbage and recycling for april 2017 to March 2018.

Collection of organic waste

The Municipality encourages its population to compost at home (for additional information, please click on the Domestic composting tab). However, certain materials indicated in the Guide for Sorting Organic Waste are not suitable for home composting and, as of autumn 2014, organic waste which is not composted at home must be placed in the brown rolling bin provided by the Municipality.

Suggestions for a user-friendly brown bin

A pamphlet published by the Memphrémagog MRC,  The Brown Bin: Problems and Solutions, provides numerous tips to make the brown bin easy to use.

For instance, to avoid soiling the brown bin, you may purchase compostable bags, but you must ensure that the following logo appears on the bags to ensure that they disintegrate rapidly:

Compostable bags are not necessary, however: simply wrap your organic waste in a newspaper instead!


Garbage Pickup

In 2011, the Municipality adopted by-law 11-390 authorizing a call for tenders for the mechanized pick-up of residual waste materials (garbage) and recyclable materials. Therefore, since  January 1, 2012, every citizen has to have a green wheeled bin (240-litre or 360-litre size) made by Schaefer, Rehrig or IPL, for their household garbage. (Those who already have a black bin that otherwise meets the new norms can continue to use it.)  These bins are available at the following suppliers:

- Matériaux Magog-Orford
205, rue Centre, Magog
- Quincaillerie Eastman
413, rue Principale, Eastman
- Rona l’entrepôt
3400, boulevard Portland, Sherbrooke
- NovaEnvirocom, 175, rue Oleg Stanek,
Sherbrooke, 819-820-0291 (delivery to the home included)

Only ONE BIN per household is permitted and no garbage bag or other container that cannot be picked up by the truck’s mechanical arm will be picked up by the contractor.

All recyclable materials must be placed in the blue bin provided by the Municipality. To avoid problems with the company that picks up the recyclable materials, refer to the sketch below which shows the correct placement of the blue bin at the roadside. Please note also that the contractor will not pick-up recyclable materials, such as big pieces of cardboard, if they are not in the blue bins.

Some guidelines for recycling:
Plastic bags must be gathered together and compressed in the same bag. Ideally, plastic tops should be left on plastic containers. It is not necessary to remove the plastic spout from milk and juice cartons, juice boxes (Tetra Pak). All cans and containers should be rinsed. Labels may be left on jars and bottles. All food traces must be removed from pizza delivery and other delivery boxes from a restaurant.

Materials not picked up:
Manure, earth, sand, pipes, construction material, construction debris, explosives, rubble, plaster, trunks of wood, chunks of concrete and masonry, pieces of paving, tires, car bodies, car parts including batteries and tires of all kinds, hazardous wastes, used oils, paints, solvents. (See below.)

Waste Management Guide

Produced by the Municipality of Austin, The Good Riddance! Guide presents more than 275 household items (and the list gets longer every day) and the seven ways in which to dispose of them (home composter, brown bin, blue bin, green or black bin, Ecocentre, Town Hall and the Ressourcerie des frontières) in order to help citizens to better sort the waste they produce, and thereby reduce the quantity of garbage sent to the landfill.

March 19th, 2018
Recycling Material Pick-up
March 26th, 2018
Compost Pick-up

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