Strategic planning

The municipal council has been working for several months on a strategic planning process which is intended to define a vision for the future of the entire municipality for the coming decade.

The participation of our fellow citizens is very important to us. We want to build the future of the municipality, working with all members of the community, from a three-way perspective: continuity with the achievements of the past, realism in dealing with what must be done now and renewal to invent a future that meets our aspirations, our values and takes into account the obligations Austin has as part of the MRC and the municipal world.

The council has undertaken this mission, which we feel is of crucial importance for the future of the municipality, with great enthusiasm and conviction. We hope you will participate with the same interest.

A Follow-up to the Discussion Forum, June 4

Difficult choices ahead

On June 4, a discussion forum was held on the future of Austin. The objectives of the Forum were to determine the major challenges which the municipality must face in the coming years, clarify the mission of the municipality, identify the elements of a common vision, define the values to be respected as a community, and identify the trends given certain major dilemmas.

As the more than fifty participants noted, the day was enriching and stimulating, taking place in a climate of openness and respect for the viewpoint of each person. All greatly enjoyed the experience! Our warmest thanks to all who joined us on this day.

For those of you who were not able to attend, here is your opportunity to add your two cents worth!

We have establish the list of the 12 major choices or dilemmas that came out of the public consultation held last fall. By definition, a dilemma contains two contradictory propositions that we must choose between. Agriculture and forestry or commercial and industrial activity? To stimulate tourism or preserve tranquillity? Young families or seniors?

As you will see, the choices are often difficult, but these are the choices with which we are faced as a community. Think about them with us. Indicate where you stand in relation to each statement by circling a single number for each. There are no right or wrong answers. We are trying to take the pulse of the population and to draw out trends, which will help us orient our actions and
set our priorities for the years to come.

We hope you will take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire that is part of the special newsletter we have published and then send it to the town hall, before Friday, June 17, at the latest, so that your responses may be taken into account in the next interim report.

We remind you that our strategic planning process is participative. The opinion of each person is important and counts for the future of all of us!

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